Packaging Materials

Efficient, secure and multi mobile: The removal system with its foldable and stackable packaging captivates through a high efficiency and multiple security aspects. The folded boxes with their rolling bases can be converted with only three hand moves into a stable and protective self-closing transport box. They can be filled up ergonomically, are easy to remove, can be sealed individually and guarantee absolute confidentiality.

In economic terms, our removal system based on returnable boxes is unbeatable. The folded boxes are delivered "just in time" in the quantity required and can be transported much faster thanks to their stacking and mobility attributes. Moreover, our system stays for cost transparency: There are no costs for acquisition, storage, handling and disposal. Because of its longevity there also is a positive impact on the ecobalance. Work places can be dislocated fast and safe. The automated labeling system together with our practical rolling combinations for office appliances and bulky goods enable a systematical reporting and time-saving logistics. You can collect the packaging materials in our premises in Schlieren or Regensdorf or have it delivered through our Courier Services. Just ask us!

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