Moving Boxes

With regards to packaging materials, we at Alexander Keller differentiate between items for purchase and items for rental. The use of rented items is often the better choice precisely for a Company Move because the material is long-lasting and durable, the customer doesn’t have to deal with waste and the environment is protected.

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Moving Boxes for Rent

Our moving system, which has proven itself for decades during company moves, consists of foldable and stackable PVC moving boxes with corresponding covers and roller bases.

Quite effortlessly, the foldable boxes become stable, lockable and sealable moving boxes which can be filled and stacked vertically with up to four boxes on top of each other in a manner which protects one’s back. Owing to the roller bases, the moving boxes remain easily transportable.

This system guarantees efficient packaging as well as secure transport. There are no costs for procurement, warehousing and waste disposal and the durability of the material promotes good eco-balance.

The moving boxes and roller bases can be supplemented by additional rented articles:

Packing Materials for Business Moves

Labels and sealing sets for the moving boxes, monitor covers, keyboard covers, adhesive tape rolls, bubble wrap, packing paper and other articles can be purchased from us. Upon request, we would be glad to supply you with the items for rental as well as also for purchase.

Moving Boxes for Purchase

Naturally, we also offer classical moving boxes for purchase, but they tend to be more ideally suited for Private Moves.

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