File Moves and Library Moves

The archive is oftentimes the centrepiece of a company. Here, documents, files, notices, deeds and other written documents are stored which have a legal, tax or even historical relevance. The systematic and orderly recording and filing of the folders is a fundamental requirement for being able to work with an archive at all.

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The same conditions apply to libraries. Here, there are oftentimes also historically-valuable manuscripts, scrolls and books which must be handled with special care.

Thus, it is absolutely necessary that a structured and careful approach is used for a file move or a library move. For Alexander Keller AG, this is the focus and the goal: The files and books are supposed to be moved to their customary place in the new location and thus remain trackable and easily found. Therefore, during file and library moves, we provide you with selected employees for support purposes who will pack your files and books systematically, securely and reliably in moving boxes and arrange them once again at the new location based upon the same system. Valuable documents and books are specially and securely packed.

You can rent or purchase the packaging materials from us. Furthermore, our services also encompass the dismantling and assembly of the racks, the transport and the procurement of a cleaning service for a file move or a library move.

Storage for a File Move and a Library Move

If no space can be found for your new archive or the library, documents and books as well as furnishings can be stored intermediately in our storage areas in a dry and secure manner.

Company Move

In addition to file moves and library moves, our moving company is also a competent partner during moves in a wide array of other industries. From office and business moves to the site relocations of industrial companies.