Storage - For each space problem, the right storage solution:

Our company offers various storage options and storage space in the Zurich area. For short-, medium- or long-term storage, for private persons and business customers.

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Furniture Warehouse

For temporary stays abroad, overlapping timeframes or a move to a smaller flat, private persons can store their furniture and household items in our furniture warehouse. In a secure and heated condition and while being protected from dust. Upon request, we will supply moving boxes and packaging materials. More about the Furniture Warehouse

Pallet Warehouse

Companies which have minimal storage options will find sufficient space for storing their products in our pallet warehouse. In addition to the storage, Alexander Keller AG also handles the entire inventory management and logistics for the goods. A service offering which saves the customer time, costs and space. More about the Pallet Warehouse

Container and Swap Container Storage

Storage via container is suitable for business customers as well as also private persons. The advantage: The container is directly loaded on-site at your address and then stored in the secure container warehouse of Alexander Keller AG. Thus, long itineraries and transport routes for the customer are eliminated.

Storage in the swap container is the optimal solution for overproduction or overlapping timeframes in the business segment. We will provide you with a swap container at the requested location where you can use it for storage based upon your requirements. Thus, long routes and costly storage are eliminated. More about Container and Swap Container Storage.

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