Art Move

If art is “travelling”, specialised expertise and due care are required. Alexander Keller AG is an experienced partner during art moves. In this context, the term “art” also includes musical instruments in addition to paintings, installations and sculptures.

Thus, for many decades, our moving company has been the transport service provider for diverse orchestras. This includes one of the most renowned orchestras in Switzerland which we support during its tours, both nationally and internationally.

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Alexander Keller AG’s portfolio also encompasses the moves of galleries and art moves for private persons. During an art move, we use tried-and-tested processes and techniques which bring the art works securely to their new location while being protected from moisture, dust, temperature fluctuations and vibrations. Our controlled thermo-transport keeps the temperature constant which is a must precisely with fragile musical instruments.

Based upon the value of the respective art work, our own transport boxes are customised for the transport and stuffed with special filling materials. For an art work, our standard packaging materials include soft packaging, special papers, bubble wrap and painting crates. Request an individual offer for an art move.

Piano Transport

Alexander Keller AG also ensures that your grand piano or your piano will arrive securely at its new location. For more than forty years, we have specialised in the transport of bulky items. While using corresponding protective materials such as piano and grand piano covers, your instrument will be prepared and professionally secured by our team. Request an offer for the transport of a piano or a grand piano.


Your art works can be stored over the short or the long term in our heated and secure warehouses.

Private Move

Your private painting collections, sculptures, or antiques are likewise in good and secure hands with us and are accordingly packaged and transported. We would be glad to provide you with an individual offer for your art move.

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