Vacating and Waste Disposal

Regardless of whether it encompasses a basement, screed, flat or entire homes: We will tidy up! In addition to the vacating and waste disposal, we will also attend to the related details, e.g. the final cleaning. Our approach is efficient and effective and we dispose of bulky waste, electrical scrap, glass and paper, textiles, used metal, construction debris and other rubbish in an environmentally-friendly and professional manner. We would be glad to provide you with an individual offer for vacating and waste disposal.

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Vacating/Waste Disposal for a Company Move

We offer services encompassing the vacating of offices, warehouses and large companies and assume responsibility for the waste disposal of inventory including the devices, machines and equipment.

Waste Disposal for a Private Move

During a move, there are many things which should or must be disposed of–including bulky furniture, mattresses, technical devices, paper or packaging. As a moving company, we attend to the environmentally-friendly and professional disposal of such waste. Depending on the volume and the timetable, this is done directly on the moving day or thereafter and, wherever possible, the materials are recycled.

Warehousing/Waste Disposal for the Move of Seniors

The move into a smaller flat or a retirement home not only means an enormous transition, but rather also requires that they must part with many objects which are near and dear to them. Often, they have also accumulated a very large number of items which they must now discard. For both options, we have the right solution: We can offer sufficient space in our warehouses to store treasured furniture pieces, paintings and household devices. For everything else, we will attend to the proper disposal of these items which you plan to discard.

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