Container and swap body storage

Depending on the initial situation and requirements, various storage options are available from Alexander Keller AG.

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Container storage

Container storage is one of the most optimal storage options for private individuals as well as for business customers, because long distances for the stored goods are eliminated. The container is loaded directly on site at your address and then placed in the secure container depot. It remains there for as long as necessary and as long as desired. The key power for the container remains with you.

The use of a container is as flexible as the initial situation of our customers: Whether for winter storage of garden furniture, as a permanent archive, for a move with a clash of dates, for temporary storage during a temporary stay abroad or for the short- and long-term removal of products – container storage meets (almost) all requirements.

Additional services related to container storage include the provision of packing materials, a packing service with inventory, object cleaning and clearances.

Flexible regulation of cooling containers

The cooling unit of our integral container is operated with 380 volts/32 amps. Each refrigerated container can be set to a cooling or heating temperature individually from minus 20 to plus 30 degrees Celsius. Connection: EURO 32A/5-pin plug. The dimensions of our refrigerated container:

Swap body storage

In the case of overproduction or overlapping deadlines, there is often a need for short-term storage. With Alexander Keller AG’s swap body storage, you have a quick and uncomplicated solution at hand.

We provide you with a swap body with a volume of up to 50 m³ at your production site. Depending on your needs, it remains there or we collect it in exchange for an empty swap body. The loaded swap bodies remain on our premises until they are called off.

The advantages of swap body storage are obvious: the storage space is on your “doorstep” and available at short notice, the load only has to be picked up once and is protected, costly storage is no longer necessary.

Furniture storage

Whether your furniture and moving boxes are stored in a container or a trolley, your belongings are protected from dust and unauthorised access in Alexander Keller AG’s climate-controlled furniture storage. You can find more information under furniture storage.

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