More than just transport and storage: distribution logistics includes planning tasks, control and all processes related to the flow of goods and information between logistics providers and customers.

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At the customer’s request, we not only store your goods, but also transport them for you. Whether this is directly to you, to a third party or anywhere else – we keep moving for you.

Our transport services also include packaging or commissioning work on request. We consolidate orders for you or split them up so that your transport is sure to be a success!


For us, goods handling is closely linked to transport – your goods are loaded and professionally secured, transported by us and then reloaded as required. Be it by train, by freighter or in an aircraft, we transport your goods safely for you.

Especially when moving abroad, transhipment becomes a big issue. It is not always possible to get household goods to their destination by just one means of transport. The most important thing is that you receive everything undamaged and on time, and for this we also use several means of transport if necessary.


For us, warehousing consists of more than just simply storing and retrieving your goods. In addition to picking and transporting, we keep careful records of all goods stored with us and are always there for you.

Also a big part of warehousing: making sure that our warehouse is always clean, well tempered and under video surveillance.

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