New Furniture Logistics

So you are a furniture manufacturer or furniture supplier and require a distributor in Switzerland? Our company is an experienced service provider in new furniture logistics: We handle the delivery and intermediate storage of your new furniture, a Switzerland-wide outgoing delivery and fine distribution to the specialised dealers and, upon request, an outgoing delivery and assembly service to be rendered for the individual customer. That is our comprehensive service in new furniture logistics.

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Delivery within the Parameters of New Furniture Logistics

Upon arrival, our employees will inspect the new furniture for completeness, the packaging for integrity and order picking for the goods. If you should have too little storage space available to you, you can use our intermediate warehouse or we will supply you with swap containers. You can load the swap container with your furniture directly after production is completed. Our vehicles will then pick up the swap container and exchange it for an empty container.

Transport within the Parameters of New Furniture Logistics

Alexander Keller AG handles the Switzerland-wide outgoing delivery and fine distribution of new furniture to specialised dealers and furniture stores. In order to do this, we have our own distribution network with weekly tours to Ticino, the French-speaking region of Switzerland and the German-speaking region of Switzerland.

Delivery and Assembly Service

Besides the new furniture logistics, we offer a delivery and assembly service. Upon request, we will assembly the furniture directly on-site for your end customer, take back the packaging and dismantle and dispose of the old furniture. More information in this regard can be found at Delivery and Assembly Service.

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