Furniture Warehouse

So you are moving into a smaller flat and do not want to part with items for which there is no longer enough space? Does your Move involve overlapping timeframes? Or will you be staying abroad for an extended period of time and will be giving up your flat, but not your belongings? Regardless of what your reason is, you have a need for short- or long-term storage space.

We can offer you furniture warehouses in which you can store your furniture and your household devices. The furniture warehouses are secured in multiple ways in a heated and dry location and while being protected from dust and third-party accesses. Upon request, we will handle the transport from the flat to the furniture warehouse and back. We would be glad to provide you with an offer for the furniture warehouse.

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Moving Boxes

Securely transported and cleanly stored: With our Moving Boxes and other packaging materials, we will protect your household devices in the furniture warehouse from dust and damage. We will wrap your furniture and other bulky goods in shrink packaging. Thus, they will be stored in the furniture warehouse in a secure and protected manner.

Pallet Warehouses

With the Pallet Warehouse, we are targeting our offerings to companies which have no or only insufficient warehousing capacities. Via pallets in high-bay storage areas, we can offer warehousing options and thus, for example, help you to respond to overproduction situations or seasonable fluctuations over the short term. In addition, we will handle the complete stock management and logistics.

Container & Swap Container Storage

With container storage, the warehouse comes to you because the container is loaded directly at your address and then placed in our secure, climate-controlled container warehouse until it is retrieved. The container warehouse is suitable for private and business customers. The swap container functions in a similar way for companies which, in most cases, remain with the customer and is used there directly as storage space.

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