Transport of machines and safes

Heavy loads require a delicate touch: For the transport of a heavy machine or safe, one needs know-how, planning as well as corresponding techniques and procedures.

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With Alexander Keller AG as the transport service provider and moving company, you will have an experienced partner at your side who can fulfil all these requirements. From safes to printers and web machines, generators and centrifuges to computer centres and EDP racks, we can transport everything from A to B. In this context, our services encompass the transport of machines and safes within a building or over longer routes.

During the transport of machines or safes, we utilise staircases, carts for transporting safes, heavy-duty rolling equipment, cranes and airbags. Floor cover plates ensure the optimal distribution of the weight during the transport and at the new location.

Company Move

In cooperation with partners, we implement complete company relocations as well as also individual transports and deploy specialised persons to handle the dismantling, the transport and the Move, the set-up and the reinstallation of industrial equipment, heavy assembly units and machines. Allow yourself to be comprehensively advised on the transport of a machine or a safe.


So, in addition to the transport of machines and safes, you also require storage space? Our storage possibilities include various options. Short- or long-term storage, for small and large volumes, light and heavy goods.

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