Furniture Lift

Fifth storey, long routes, a narrow staircase and no lift? No problem. Via our furniture lift, we will transport your goods to be moved or your articles and materials in a fast, efficient and protective manner upwards and downwards.

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With a length of up to 29 metres and a load-bearing capacity of up to approx. 400 kilogrammes, the use of a furniture lift not only saves time, but rather also massively facilitates the work of Moving Service Assistants and employees.

Last but not least, owing to the furniture lift, your possessions as well as the building can also be protected–above all if bulky and heavy goods are being moved. The risk for damage to walls, door frames and floors is thus very small.

For the use of a furniture lift, certain building and transport technology requirements must be fulfilled. Whether the use of a furniture lift is possible for your Move or your goods to be transported can best be assessed through a consultation by telephone or an on-site inspection. Simply contact us.

Based upon our experience, there are only rarely restrictions which make it impossible to use a furniture lift. However, if this should indeed be the case, we will guarantee you that we will transport your goods to be transported with the same security and care over steps and paths to your requested location.

So you are a furniture manufacturer or furniture supplier and require more than one furniture lift? With the new furniture logistics as well as the delivery and mounting service provided by Alexander Keller AG, we can also offer you and your customers the following additional services:

New Furniture Logistics

We will handle the delivery and intermediate storage of your new furniture as well as also the Switzerland-wide delivery and fine distribution to the specialised dealer. In order to do this, we have our own distribution network with weekly tours to Ticino, the French-speaking region of Switzerland and the German-speaking region of Switzerland.

Delivery and Assembly Service

Upon request, we will assemble the furniture directly on-site for your end customer, take back the packaging as well as dismantle and dispose of the old furniture. At our company, the delivery and assembly service is done via a two-man handling system.

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