Vacating and Waste Disposal

Based upon our experience, during the Move of a company, there are large quantities of rubbish, electronic waste, bulky waste and used paper. We will handle the professional and environmentally-friendly waste disposal of your contaminated sites and offer services for the moves of companies, offices, large companies or individual divisions. We will be your competent partner for vacating and disposal!

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Waste Disposal

Bulky waste, used paper and very small rubbish are disposed of quickly, ecologically and easily. But what about sensitive files, documents and data carriers such as PCs, hard disks and CDs which contain all kinds of sensitive data? In Switzerland, there is a valid retention period of ten years for business and auditing reports, booking documentation, personnel files, social insurance documents and wage declarations. Thus, there are complete archives that are filled. But how to then handle the waste disposal after ten years? What happens with the old devices when your company is equipped with new IT infrastructure?

Alexander Keller AG will handle the secure disposal of sensitive files and data carriers which is fast and in accordance with relevant data protection aspects. For secure transport, we use lockable containers. Without looking at the corresponding authorised files in advance, the data and data carriers are shredded or burned and can thereupon no longer be identified.


Company dissolution, company bankruptcy or start-up: We will reliably support you with our services for the vacating of commercially-used space. Please contact us, we would be glad to advise you!

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