Moving Service for Seniors

A move in one’s old age can have many reasons. Perhaps the current flat has become too big, the seniors are moving in with their children, into age-appropriate facilities or abroad. Regardless of what has led to this step: It is certainly not an easy step. We support the customers during this move–in an empathetic and service-oriented manner.

Moving Service for Seniors / Moving Service in Switzerland

From the planning through the implementation to the arrival: Our moving company handles the moves of seniors in Switzerland with a comprehensive service. In cooperation with the customer, we jointly plan the move, we help during the packing and unpacking, during the removal and hanging of curtains and lamps, during the dismantling and assembly of furniture and during the final cleaning of the old flat. Our employees carefully handle the goods to be moved. Valuable art works and instruments are specially packed and transported.

Moves for Seniors / International Move

A more comfortable climate or for pure curiosity–a move for a senior abroad can be an exciting new beginning. We will help you to do this! For many than 45 years, our moving company has performed moves abroad. In addition to our classical services, we will handle the customs formalities as well as accompany you and your goods to be moved to the new address safely. Via our international network, we can also offer additional services there such as furniture assembly as well as electrical and carpentry work.


Saying good-bye is difficult? When seniors move, this often necessitates that they part with cherished items because the new flat is smaller. We know this and thus offer short- to long-term storage options for furniture, instruments and household devices. In a secure, heated and dry environment.

Vacating and Waste Disposal

When a senior moves, there are many things which must be disposed of. We will attend to the professional and environmentally-friendly disposal of furniture, mattresses or electronic scrap. Moreover, we also handle the complete vacating of flats.

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