More than just transport and storage: Our moving company also offers various logistical services. We pick, store, pack, distribute and transport for private and corporate customers.

I am interested in logistics

Various storage places for you

We offer different types of storage space, depending on the customer’s requirements. Our pallet warehouse, for example, can accommodate all kinds of consignments, as well as furniture and other personal items. Since our warehouse also has high storage, we use our space as effectively as possible.

Of course, we offer storage space for companies as well as for private individuals. Our most innovative offer here would be on-site storage, where the warehouse is right on your doorstep. Of course, you are always welcome in our warehouse, just as if it were at your home.



For us, commissioning includes receiving the goods, checking the goods for visible damage and, of course, the temporary storage of the goods. In addition to warehouse management, Alexander Keller AG also handles the consolidation of consignments as well as making them available for collection or delivery.

Companies with insufficient storage facilities will find sufficient space to store their products in our pallet warehouse. In addition to storage, Alexander Keller AG also takes care of the entire warehouse management and logistics of the goods. A service offer that saves the customer time, costs and space.


Quantity and quality control

Quantity and quality control is very important to us when a consignment arrives at the warehouse or is received. First of all, we check the number of coli. Next comes quality control; we check the consignment for visible damage, for example in the packaging.

If, contrary to expectations, something is not in order, the customer as well as the supplier are informed immediately. At the customer’s request, we are also happy to check the contents of a consignment, but only with the customer’s explicit consent.