Warehouse logistics

More than just transport and storage: our moving company also offers various logistical services. We pick, store, pack, distribute and transport for private and corporate customers.

Storage places of all kinds

Depending on the customer’s requirements, we offer different types of storage space. In our pallet warehouse, for example, there is space for all types of consignments as well as furniture and other personal items. Since our warehouse also has high storage, we use our space as efficiently as possible.

Of course, we offer storage space for companies and for private individuals. Our most innovative offer here would be on-site storage, where you have a container from us with you on your property.

Of course, you are always welcome in our warehouse, just as you would be if it were at your home.



We understand order picking to mean the acceptance of goods, the inspection of these goods for damage, as well as the temporary storage of the goods. In addition to warehouse management, we at Alexander Keller AG also take on the consolidation of commissions and the preparation for delivery or collection.

Companies that do not have sufficient storage facilities are given sufficient space to store their products in our pallet warehouse. In addition to storage, we also take care of the entire management of the warehouse and the logistics of the goods. Save time, costs and space with us!


Collection warehouse

As a warehouse and logistics service provider, we offer you the option of having goods delivered to our warehouse for your customers or yourself. Perhaps this shortens your route or makes more sense in terms of scheduling? Or maybe it is just the most convenient solution for you.

Of course, we are also happy to be there for you at short notice, both for delivery and collection. Storage has never been so easy!